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ZR42KC-PFV-230 review

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ZR42KC-PFV-230 review
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  • Exact Designation of this equipement : ZR42KC-PFV-230
  • Height : 566x456x94 cm
  • Weight : 22 g
  • Efficiency : 18 kW
  • Energy Class : A
  • consumption (elec) in use : 87kW
  • Screen LED : Yes
  • Velocity : 109
  • Colour : grey and blanc
  • Material : aluminiumPower supply : batteryInterface : void
  • Technology :
  • Functions aux : 33
  • Manual : US
  • Garanty|Warranty : 2 yrs Brand
  • Maintenance :
  • Accessories :

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ZR42KC-PFV-230 review
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