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Folding Treadmill W79 review

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Folding Treadmill W79 review
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And Next, the details about this machine :

  • Brand Name of this device : Folding Treadmill W79
  • Dimensions : 455x456x444 cm
  • Weight : 65 g
  • Power : 22 W
  • Energy Value : A++
  • consumption (elec) in operation : 900kW
  • Screen LED : N
  • Velocity : 444
  • Color : blue - beige
  • Material : aluminiumPower supply : Li/IonLink : wifi
  • Technology : void
  • Functions aux : 27
  • operating instructions : included
  • Garanty|Warranty : 2 years Brand
  • Lubrication : Yes
  • Accessories : optional

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Folding Treadmill W79 review
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