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NordicTrack Desk Treadmill review

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NordicTrack Desk Treadmill cheap
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NordicTrack Desk Treadmill review
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And Here are the technical specifications concerning this article :

  • Official Designation of this article : NordicTrack Desk Treadmill
  • Height : 877x766x583 mm
  • Weight : 27 g
  • Power : 33 kW
  • Energy Category : B
  • consumption (elec) in use : 456kW
  • Screen Amoled : N
  • Speed : 908
  • Colour : red and chrome
  • Material : aluminiumPower supply : Li/IonInterface : void
  • Technology : N
  • Functions aux : 65
  • Manual : yes
  • Garanty|Warranty : 1 yrs Brand
  • Maintenance :
  • Accessories : included

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NordicTrack Desk Treadmill review
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NordicTrack Desk Treadmill cheap
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